Games exploded into their constituent parts so players can learn about them and creators can tell their story.

Showcasing games on mobile can be a challenge for game creators. Conventional social media is not designed around games and the major game sites have not changed much in 20 years.

For players games can appear undifferentiated and it can be difficult to figure out whether a game would interest them or not.

Great games get overlooked even when they would have been enjoyed by the player because interesting details beyond the high level summary or trailer never get seen.

CardPi is a mobile app that makes it easy to delve deep into aspects like characters, locations, items, weapons, and lore. Players can learn about aspects of a game in more detail quickly to see if they may be interested, both new and existing players can view high quality content and updated information from the creators and engage in discussion in a friendly and civil community. All presented across native mobile apps.

Games exploded and zoomed in

Showcase the most interesting aspects of a game on mobile.

Get deep insight into a game. An easier way to learn about a game quickly and get at interesting detailed concepts.

Organized relevant game content. Organized collections of game content, in series of hierarchy that make sense and is easy to navigate.

Modular for creators, community for players. A place for game creators to edit and update content with a touch of a button on mobile and for players to discuss every aspect of a game.

High level game content broken down into interesting detailed aspects.

These high level images are from a game called 'Honey Corporation' by indie studio Garuda Force. It is a match three game based around the concept of human-bees and honey combs.

The images are colorful but at this high level nothing stands out. The match 3 genre has lots of titles, even the bee and honeycomb theme is not particularly unique. This is what we mean when we say that games are overlooked before they get a chance.

This game is packed with content. CardPi can help unpack it. Thinking about the components of the game the creators can break it down into components like characters, items and mechanics just to get started.

Exploding the content brings out the constituent parts but we need to bring some order to it.

Taking the characters we can split them into groups that help tell the story.

Beyond the match 3 game mechanic there is a rich story around hard work, struggle and greed, the top 1% and the low wages. Some people may be interested in this aspect of the game as motivation to play through the levels.

In CardPi related aspects of the game are grouped into series. You think about what series make sense for a game and then you focus in on the most interesting aspects of the game. CardPi then showcases collections of game content as series of interactive digital cards on mobile. Here are some examples.

Honey Corporation > Characters > Bosses

Honey Corporation > Characters > Drones

Honey Corporation > Characters > Workers

Honey Corporation > Honey Flavors

CardPi cards are a powerful tool for showcasing collections of information. They can be updated, expanded, and shared.

Here is an expanded card.

Post updates and images with the touch of a button from your phone. Cards expand as posts are added.

The audience can engage in discussions specific to a post by the creators.

It’s easy for users to find cards again and there is a place to post links to relevant external social media accounts or custom web site.

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